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A lifetime of waterfront adventures await with the family-friendly dock system by Midwest. Modular design and rugged construction allow a simple, quick and reliable way to build boat docks, rowing docks, fishing docks, swimming platforms, and anything else you can imagine at home, in parks and at resorts. A properly designed layout will help you create many family memories of safe and enjoyable fun around the water!


Engineered For Safety

Docks and lifts by Midwest Equipment are engineered to be safe, with a skid-resistant surface that sheds both water and the sun’s heat. Everyone will appreciate the splinter and nail-free construction.

All sections are engineered with high quality material designed to last and keep your investment looking great for many years.

Environmentally Friendly

All the products sold by Midwest Equipment are environmentally friendly, no component that rust, rot or seep preservatives into the water are used. Never need painting or refinishing of any kind. We care about the product we put in the water.

Simple Installation, Extreme Durability

Providing the ultimate flexibility in configuration, simple installation, and extreme durability, all docks and lifts by Midwest Equipment are the logical choice for extending your waterfront enjoyment. The unique connection systems allows you to configure (and re-configure) it in a limitless variety of shapes to suit your needs.

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Which dock is best for you?

Low Profile Dock

Connect A Dock Series
1000 Low Profile

1000 Series-Low Profile With the 8″ (20.32 cm) freeboard, this floating dock system is best suited for smaller bodies of water that are protected from large waves. This floating dock is ideal for swimming, fishing, boating.

Low profile provides an excellent transition for boats such as Jon boats, Kayaks, Canoes, and Sculls. You can build swim platforms, walkways for wetlands and marshy areas as well as any style of dock your imagination will create.

High Profile Dock

Connect A Dock Series
2000 High Profile

2000 Series-High Profile With the 17″ (43.18 cm) freeboard, this Connect-A-Dock, floating dock system is best suited for mooring boats such as ski boats, pontoon boats, sail boats and catamarans providing an even transition when entering or exiting.

Using this unique building block design, you can assemble decks, party barges, boat slips and just about any style of dock. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Drive On Docking

PWC Drive On Docking

Attach Connect-A-Port 2XL to Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series High-Profile Docks or other fixed / floating dock

Need a place to dock your PWC Jet Ski?

The Connect-A-Dock offers 2 different PWC Drive On to add a safe harbor for your one-, two- or three and 4-place personal watercraft! — just roll off and you are ready to go!

High Profile Dock


Midwest Docks & Lifts is proud to introduce our very own manual and electric MW LYFTER. Proudly MADE IN CANADA, our lift rotates 360 degrees providing convenient and safe storage of your expensive watercraft. Available in manual, 110V electric, or rechargeable battery for those with no power supply at the dock.
The advantages of storing your watercraft over the top of your dock or land are endless.

This design makes cleaning, covering, uncovering, and fueling safe and easy. The MW Lyfter comes in kit form-ready for easy assembly and is hot-dipped galvanized, the main frame is also available in powder coated finish for long lasting service. The UHMW polyethylene bearings provide smooth and trouble free lifting and rotation.

Drive On Docking

Personal Paddle Sport Launch

YAKport is a personal paddle sport launch which works great for not only kayaks but also canoes and paddleboards.

YAKport is a better way, a more convenient way to launch your kayak. It will be right at home attached to your floating or fixed dock. Simply place your favorite paddle sport vessel on YAKport and enjoy a sure footed and stable entry right above water level. Then tug yourself into the water with very little effort. Once your paddling session is over, pull right back onto YAKport and enjoy the same stability and convenience while getting out.

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